Ethics Policy

The editorial board of the scientific journal “Current issues of Foreign Philology” accepts manuscripts that have not been published earlier in printed or electronic, native or foreign publications. The content of the articles should correspond to the profile and direction of the journal, its high scientific-theoretical level. The main requirements of the editorial policy for the quality of published materials are the circumstantiality; honesty; unambiguity; completeness of presentation of the material; prudence; originality; transparency.

The legal basis for the provision of ethical standard in the publications are proclaimed in international standards (in particular, the provisions developed by the Committee on Ethics of Scientific Publications – COPE, the provisions were adopted at the 2nd International Conference on Ethics of Scientific Publications, Singapore, 22-24 July, 2010) and state standards, orders of the Ministry of Education and Science, vested by laws of Ukraine. The editorial board of the scientific journal “Current Issues of Foreign Philology” oes its utmost to comply with the ethical standards adopted by the international scientific community and to prevent any violations of these norms.

The articles are printed in the original language and should be accompanied by an extensive annotation providing all structural elements of the article – in Ukrainian, Russian and English (in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated to 17.10.2012 № 111 “On Approval of the Procedure for the Formation of the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine”). The availability of expanded annotations (abstracts, author’s summaries) in English / Russian in the Ukrainian edition for foreign scientists and specialists is the main source of information on the content of the article and results of the research described in it. The extended English annotations are also an integral part of publishing in international scientometric databases.
The editorial board of the journal guarantees: conformance with ethics of scientific papers publishing; ethics of scientific papers authorship; ethics of scientific papers reviewing and ethics of scientific papers editing.

The editorial board

– gurantees the appraisal of all the submitted materials and observance of objectivity in making decisions without prejudice towards authors.

- provides verification of publications for plagiarism;

- decides whether or not to accept the article for publication on the basis of decisions taken by members of the editorial board.

The editorial board guarantees the independent and objective review of the article in order to determine its scientific value and compliance with the requirements for publication.

The editorial board determines the procedure for reviewing the submitted materials in accordance with the journal’s policy.
The editorial board guarantees the integrity of the process of independent review.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject the material without independent review if it is deemed to be of poor quality or does not correspond to the direction of the journal. Such a decision is taken impartially in view of the editorial policy of the journal.

In the event that the question arises about the reliability of the data or the appropriateness of the publication of scientific work, the editorial board gives the author an opportunity to answer the questions posed.

In the process of reviewing, the editorial board ensures the confidentiality of copyright materials and informs referees about the need to maintain such confidentiality.

The editorial board decides whether to accept or reject publications and determines the high requirements for the honesty and objectivity of this process and its conformity of the scientific concept of the journal.

The editorial board guarantees the independent and objective review of the article in order to determine its scientific value and compliance with the requirements for publication.

Authors of publications:

- must guarantee that only those who meet the authorship criteria (that is, persons who have made a significant contribution to the work) are included in the list of authors;

- must guarantee that the work presented meets the above requirements;

- do not have the right to copy from other materials a reference to work that they themselves have not read; quotations and references to other works must be accurate and properly documented;

- should refer as correctly and accurately as possible to the work of both other researchers and the authors themselves, referring first of all to the original source; verbatim reproduction of their own works and their paraphrasing are unacceptable;

- should indicate the authorship of data, text, pictures and ideas, which the author received from other sources; direct quotes from the works of other researchers should be allocated with quotation marks;

- must comply with the rules of copyright law;

The authors are responsible for compliance with the requirements in the preparation of materials, including for the authenticity of facts, vocations, proper names and the correctness of the translation.

Open Access Policy

This journal practices a policy of operative open access to published content, supporting the principles of the free dissemination of scientific information and the global exchange of knowledge for the sake of general social progress.